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Are you ready to stop letting body weight stop your success, once and for all?

Gina Silvestri was stomping runways in evening fashion shows when she was assigned Canada’s second largest murder case in her daytime career, at just twenty-seven years old—an experience that resulted in her weighing 300 pounds, before she turned thirty.

For the first time in her life, she found herself embarrassed by her weight. She hid from cameras, then from all of life, as she sank into a depression so deep, it destroyed her self esteem, then stopped her success altogether.

She isolated herself in an apartment in Toronto, watching television, and eating nothing but junk food, for a year and a half, before she was jolted into an understanding of:

  • how to thrive without being obsessed by your outer appearance, no matter what other people think of you
  • how to maintain this way of being, no matter what your body weight does, and 
  • how to create more financial success than you ever thought possible, while you do

Love Yourself Fat demonstrates why you don’t have to wait until you have the perfect body, to be successful. Drawing from Gina’s personal experiences shared in this book, including gaining, then losing 150 pounds, then gaining some of it back again, you’ll discover how she learned to love her body, at every extreme, and every in between, while generating a $30,000 sales week in her mentoring business.

She demonstrates step-by-step how to go from hiding to lasting, unstoppable confidence, the kind that comes from your soul, regardless of what the bathroom scale says.

She takes you through her process of:

  • setting goals that work
  • stepping into commitment right now, with ease, no matter what challenges you’re facing in life
  • living in your new normal as a confident, soulful person, who achieves financial success naturally.

Love Yourself Fat is not just a self-confidence manual, it’s a success mastery course that will take you on a powerful journey that will leave you knowing, without a doubt:

  • the real reason why diets and exercise never work in the long-term
  • how to resolve the age-old dilemma between being happy in your heart, while at the same time loving your body, without militant food or exercise routines.
  • knowing exactly what to practical steps to take, to overflow with love for your body first, so that you can help others, from this powerful Love Yourself Fat state, where financial success is inevitable, no matter what your body weighs. 

Action steps are included at the end of every chapter.


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