Bye Bye Debt Sweat – Learn-At-Home!

Ready to STOP letting debt rule your world, for good?

We can’t be financially empowered when we’re all sweaty with energy that repels what we really want: that debt sweat-free life.

Too many work-at-home boss babes are being held down by the stress toll having debt can take on them, so I’ve unleashed all my debt-eliminating power and sharing my 3-step process for eliminating all the things making you sweat about debt.

This is THE learn-at-home audio program you need eliminate debt stress for good. It takes the heavy out of debt, and carries the power to uplift and eliminate heavy debt energy around the world!

I’m so excited to deliver it directly to your email box, for you to keep forever!!!

Who is this program for?

For anyone struggling with debt, who is ready to eliminate associated debt stress, for good.

What is covered in this course?

Check out this INCREDIBLE breadth of content to move you into your debt-free energy and life FAST, STARTING RIGHT NOW!!!! EEEE!!!!


  • Access an empowered and JOYOUS state despite your debt, now
  • Know with certainty that you can do this on a daily basis
  • Introducing your magic mindset wand, to transform stressful chaotic energy around debt into energy that empowers you, and allows you to reach your goal of being debt-free.
  • How to transform your stressed out debt feelings into actually being grateful for it (I KNOW, right???!!?? I can’t wait for you to hear this).
  • Organize your financial papers so you can stay on top of them, and have FUN while you do (yes, I did use FUN and FINANCIAL in the same sentence: this is SO POSSIBLE for you)
  • What to do with your financial papers that really stress you out – I share my exact, step-by-step process for dealing with these.
  • How to manage your finances in alignment with your money goals, including income, profit, savings and spending goals.
  • How to make celebration and money go together, forever.
  • How to process and actually deal with all those emotions underlying your debt and finances, once and for all.
  • My 8 Minute Magic Skill for getting through any heavy, intense feeling when you’re working on clearing up debt.
  • Technique for clearing physical debt energy sneakily hiding in your home, including my recommendation for top notch tools that have scientific stamps of approval.
  • Stories from my personal life to demonstrate all of the above, and show you first-hand what this debt transformation process looks like.


  • Clear step by step action steps to clear sweaty bits of your outstanding debt
  • How to adopt a fresh, empowering perspective on “good” vs “bad” debt that will transform how you experience debt forever
  • Understand heavy vs light debt with examples
  • How to turn experiences with money that didn’t meet our expectations, into experiences that do
  • How to release debt shame, for good
  • Why it makes good, logical sense to look at your personal debt energy, FIRST plus what to do afterward
  • How to recognize and circumvent The Debt Shame Trap
  • How to stop using debt definitions that make you sweat, and start using ones that make you THRIVE
  • Know with certainty that you can live without gigantic, over-stressful, all-encompassing debt energy, starting right now
  • How to make the number you owe now, seem like nothing in your near future
  • How to see debt for what it truly is, not something that freezes you up or terrifies you or hurts your life in any way
  • 3 Mantras coded with personal empowerment around debt for you to start repeating today
  • How to lighten your energy around financial “responsibility” now
  • Why phone calls to debtors can make you feel really really good, instead of down-in-the-dumps horrible
  • Mega empowering mindset for debt moving forward
  • My personal story of bankruptcy after my first business in 1995
  • How to deal with the sweaty (aka scary) parts of being in debt
  • Motivation to keep our word to ourselves when it comes to debt
  • How to shift into your debt-free life, FAST
  • How to be a trustworthy person you are PROUD OF when it comes to paying back debt
  • Action steps to choose from to get clearing your debt energy with your debtors, now
  • How to deal with debt monsters like guilt and shame that steal your debt-clearing power


This set of journal exercises is for clearing your energy now, then can be used for the rest of your life, in case any yucky energy pops up at any time in the future.

BONUSES: Trainings include an example conversation script to use when contacting debtors.


I give you everything you need, and then some, to achieve your goals along your Rags to Riches journey. 

Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Can I get a refund?

Since your product is delivered, in full, upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!

How do I get support when I need help?

Once you make your payment, you have my direct email and immediate access to my team for any help you may require. You can also ask any questions you may have during our LIVE trainings, or any time in between those trainings. OR, if you have a question or need support right now, just email now!