This girl … IS YOU

This girl weighed 300 pounds back in 2004. This girl was given the wrong medication, ate her way through pounds and pounds of trauma, money stress, messed up relationship stress, living-the-wrong-life stress. This girl persisted through it all—her body’s not perfect now, but she moved heavy anvils of emotional stress living inside her aside, toContinue reading “This girl … IS YOU”

There’s NOTHING more powerful than a woman who’s “been through it”

Every time I hear another powerful woman who survived against all odds tell her story, I become more authentic in my work with women. Before I read another such story, I think: “OK, I mean, that last one was incredible—surely after twenty years of getting their stories down on paper for them, I’ve heard itContinue reading “There’s NOTHING more powerful than a woman who’s “been through it””

The Cost of Not Listening to Our Soul’s Calling

I was listening to a funny-as-hell comedian yesterday who reminded me of THIS TRUTH WE LIFE STORY SUPERSTARS GOTTA FACE …. Life isn’t going to work out quite as well as it could until we get that life story down on paper. facts This is because creative intelligence (the energy that created all life) plantsContinue reading “The Cost of Not Listening to Our Soul’s Calling”