You Are Powerful, Beyond Measure

When PTSD symptoms ran rampant in my life, I judged myself as lazy. Other people did, too.(because: 🤍 as within, so without 🤍) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why aren’t I getting more done in the day?(“why isn’t she getting more done in the day?”) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously how can I lay in bed that long?(“seriously, how can she layContinue reading “You Are Powerful, Beyond Measure”

X, Y and Z

Today I’m feeling grateful for moving beyond that “something is missing” feeling I once lived with every single day. I loved my therapist who helped master managing my PTSD symptoms sooo much… like so much! She was there for me when my Nonna died, when emotional flashbacks hit, when anxiety threatened to take over. SheContinue reading “X, Y and Z”

What It’s Really Gonna Take For You To Be Successful As A Coach

Yes success comes from steady, consistent action … but mostly? Taking the one next step on your business and life journey, being more you as you go, aka showing us YOUR SOUL. —and when things get a little rough? Allowing love and support to pour into your world, whatever that looks like, *whatever it takesContinue reading “What It’s Really Gonna Take For You To Be Successful As A Coach”

Go Lizzo!

The comments are rolling in already after I reposted Lizzo in my stories yesterday … I can’t imagine what these plus-size warrior Goddesses go through on the daily, after seeing this tiny glimpse in my DMs last night and this morning. So let me be clear: I love all body sizes, regardless of your opinionContinue reading “Go Lizzo!”