Gina-In-Your-Pocket Private 1:1 Coaching

Do you know you’re meant to get your life story down on paper?

Are you ready to turn it into inspiration for others, once and for all?

Are you excited to put money in your bank account, by connecting to people so you can help them through your story?

You’re in the right place, if so.



  • say goodbye to feeling lost, for knowing exactly what to do, step by step.
  • master practical life story skills while doing it your way, in a way that feels really, really good to your unique style and story.
  • experience loving accountability, as you BECOME the woman who sees the getting of her life story down on paper, all the way through, so it can help others.


-You *know* you’re meant to get your life story down on paper.

-you have something to say to the world, by sharing your experience

-you thrive in nourishing, warm, loving containers that also push you to grow, so your best self and story come onto your pages.

-you want to be consistent to get this done, because it burns your soul to charcoal to see another year pass without getting your life story down on paper

-you feel uncomfortable “staying with” your story to completion, but you’re ready to learn masterful skills to make it easier

-you find yourself overthinking, overplanning, over-organizing and not finding time for this

-you sometimes worry about what others will feel reading this so want a confident guide to help you through this writing process

-you want to write a book that doesn’t centre around your life story.

-you just want to write a book to make money, and you could care less if heart and soul is poured into the book or not

-you don’t believe success is created connecting to people heart to heart, so you can really help them

-you believe your past experiences have no value and you’d rather not look at the past 

(not even using Book Mama Gina’s light speed techniques for moving through trauma symptoms faster, easier, and funner than years spent in therapist offices)


There are two phases to coaching with Gina:

Phase 1 – Your 90 Minute Diamond Clarity Intensive

Phase 2 – Your Follow-Up That Keeps You Feeling Good While Staying On Track

We have found, over and over again, that one key thing creates success.

Are you ready for it?


This is especially true with book writing, because the more you immerse yourself in the essence of your book, the more you “do it justice” by getting exactly what’s meant to be put down on paper, down on paper.

Make sense?

The reason immersion is so powerful is because of … ready for another guess?


This is the moment when you feel your book’s soul come to life. 

You feel its emotional resonance in such a powerful way, you know in a “click” that this book is meant to be written. That you’re meant to write it. That it is now undeniable that it will get done, much easier, faster, and with you having a lot more fun, than you initially ever though.

This is why expecting moms call the moment they “feel” their fetus in them, The Quickening … there’s no more wondering whether or not she will become a mom, whether she’ll fall victim to the many not-foolproof fallacies of pregnancy testing. The Quickening happens, and she’s 100% certain and clear.

It’s at once a magical and certainty-birthing moment.

I can’t wait for you to experience this with your book!

Even if you already have some certainty about your book, The Quickening induces diamond clarity at a level you’ve never known before. 

You’ll see the full vision for it, in a split-second flash, then you get it all down in a detailed life story outline, with Book Mama Gina, to capture the core essence, so that you can get encapsulate every detail of your vision in your book, once the writing begins.

This Immersion/Quickening combo is the reason why every Private 1:1 service we offer begins with a Full or Half Day intensives, where you will:

  • organize those thoughts and ideas that have been rolling around in your mind since the idea for your book first hit you
  • get diamond clear on how you will present it, what key concepts to keep in mind as you write, stay focussed on the right energy in your book
  • get diamond clear on your book’s message and who it will serve
  • decide on a realistic timeline for completion (usually much faster than you initially think!)
  • learn how to stay in the “writing flow” to keep inspiration high
  • work through any mindset blocks you have to completing your book
  • clear stuck energy
  • discover which “energetic maintenance” tools are best suited for you to keep your energy in your Genius Zone while you get your life story down on paper, to guarantee best quality output and ease for you as you write it (aka it writes itself, while you sit by with joy watching it pour onto your page)
  • develop a writing plan to keep procrastination, self-doubt, insecurity, overwhelm far, far away
  • tune into and know without a doubt why you experienced what you experienced, how it fits into your life/business/success  
  • establish a customized follow-up support plan that considers exactly how you want to be mentored by Book Mama Gina, moving forward
  • explore outline options or decide on one before the end of this session (depending on length of book, time left in session)
  • experience your Quickening, that will immerse you into a momentum so powerful, this book will write itself
  • explore options for delivering your book baby exactly as you envision, to as big or small an audience as you’ve always imagined, filling your bank account as you envision, so you’re supported as your story does its healing work on our gorgeous planet.

Four times per month (weekly) you’ll have a LIVE coaching session with Gina.

Your sessions are held either by video or phone, which can vary week to week – it’s always your choice!

These sessions are FOR YOU, so you decide what questions to bring up, what you’d like to talk about or work through mentally, or heal through emotionally, you can even read me parts of your book during our sessions.

I am here for you, to talk openly about anything and everything you need.

I also provide any resource you may need, teach you technical skills, and help you embody required qualities to see your book project through to completion.

You’ll also be fully supported in between our sessions, so I’m right there with you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on an app, as you write . . .

Have you heard of Voxer?

Yes, yes! It’s the newest and best trend in coaching, but why does Mama Gina LOVE it?

Let us count the reasons …

-MULTI-media! voice notes (like we’re chatting on phone, with no cut-off times like Facebook messenger has…how rude! Lol)

-videos, photos, typing too! It’s THE BEST.

-both coach and client can type on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night without disturbing each other (silent alerts ON)

-Book Mama Gina can pop in during her work week, from Monday to Friday, to answer ALL of your questions (she makes sure they’re all answered) 

-at least once a day but often surprises you with more

Skills you’ll learn in this Voxer mentoring:

-keeping your writing empowered (vs “woe is me” energy <— nobody wants to read that)

-staying consistent in both success mindset and your daily writing habit

-tracking your progress, productivity (in non-yucky/too authoritative ways) while staying accountable

-becoming a writer who follows through with what she says she’s going to do: aka get her life story, down and delivered

-speaking to your audience throughout the entire book, not letting them out of your heart, while you share your story fully, completely, too!

-cold water on your face when you need it (aka loving accountability/kick in butt as needed!)

-how to hold energy of giant audience/community with your words

-keeping your thoughts organized, clear, powerful as you write

-staying on point, on track, to deliver your story and its message in the most effective, efficient, impactful way while staying authentic and true to you, every step of the way

-emotional mastery for overwhelming days, so you stay consistent until “The End”


Dear Life Story Superstar,

My biggest “shake my head” moment, happened while searching for my first business coach, back in 2009. 

I tried everything on Google … 

spiritual business coach

energetic business coach

non-boring business coach

business coach with a heart

…but it just kept spitting out the ones I didn’t want. 

You know the kind I mean, right?

How-to this, how-to that, mechanics of success, nuts and bolts you need, “I can guarantee your success in 5 days”—those kind. They reminded me of my economics professor, who—bless his heart, put me to sleep in every single class. 

I needed so much more than that.

I had been through so much trauma, I had invested so much in my own healing, I knew I had something powerful to offer, both in skills and experience—but I still had stuff to work through, especially as I  searched for courage to share my life story with the world.

Most important, I had a LIT desire in my heart, that felt so right with God in my soul, that I knew I was born to help women heal and create success in their lives.

I just needed the right guide to help me do it.

One who could do the following, ALL AT THE SAME TIME:

(1) know what it feels like to be where I was, because she already walked through it, and was now on the other side.

(2) hold a coaching container strong enough, to get me through any more emotional stuff that might arise

(3) care enough to dedicate her life to coaching, which I could see and feel in her testimonials, on her website, in her videos, AND

(4) know all the strategies that the (ahem, boring!) business coaches knew, but also knew much more than that = the 5-dimensional picture, not just the 2!

Well, after two weeks of searching, I finally found my coach. She called herself a Spiritual Success Coach. She was perfect for me … at least I thought so, until I learned how much coaches cost!!!

I had never invested so much money into myself before, but I KNEW, in my soul, she would help me. I KNEW I needed to work with her, so I invested the $1500/month it cost back then, in 2009, then sat back to watch what happened.

Are you ready? Here’s what happened: just three weeks into working with her, I shifted enough old energy deep inside me, to enter into the REAL GIFTS of coaching: the ease, the fun, the friendship, the brilliance of it all.

My results proved all this, too. I went from making nearly nothing in my business, to creating my first $3,000. month, $1,000. days, which led to my first $8,000 day, then $30,000 week!

There were changes in my personal life, too—which I never expected to achieve with a business coach!

I felt more confident, resourceful, FULLY ALIVE, supported … all because I said yes to letting support—the exact kind I wanted—deep into my life.

I rose above my initial fears, listened to my soul, then invested my time, my money, my whole heart, into what I KNEW was right for me, I invested all of that into myself, my coaching …. and it worked.

The best part?

It only kept growing and expanding from there, as I stayed steady with continuous mentorship over the years, and I broke through all my blocks to my dreams happening, and finally made my childhood dream come true: to publish a book in my name.

I had become that version of myself, the one I’d always dreamed of. I wasn’t just an author, it was a book I was proud of. That I couldn’t wait to tell the world about, that made me sleep better at night, knowing it was out there, helping the world. Knowing I at last finished, and delivered, exactly what I was born to do in the world.

So this coaching work is about you, my fellow Life Superstar!

It’s about you saying YES to yourself, your book, sharing your story with the world, and evolving into the woman you always knew you were born to be.

I can’t wait to connect with you, to be the conduit for your becoming.

First, we have your Diamond Intensive, where we focus on clearing what stands in your way from completing your life story book. You’ll leave this session with a full book outline, which will make it EASY for you to write, section by section. You’ll always know what to do, what section you’re working on, what message to get across. Totally organized. Totally aligned with your deepest intention for your book.

You’ll then start writing your book, knowing EXACTLY what to do, section by section, all the way to done. You’ll also have me either in your pocket to type to, from your phone, any time of day or night, for anything that comes up as you write plus weekly live 1:1 sessions to work through whatever comes up and threatens to stand in your way.

Some of the things that arise will need deeper examination, exploration, clearing. We’ll do this in a quick, efficient manner, to keep your energy uplifted, plus your fingers typing. Feeling great as you go. No. Matter. What.

As the manuscript takes on momentum, you’ll go deeper into your story. We now enter the “meat” of your book. This is where the most inner work is done, as I guide you to enter your Genius Zone, and stay there, all the way until you finish.

From this deeper level, our final content edits will happen, chapter by chapter. You’ll converse with me as you go, to make sure the book is exactly how you want it, that you’ve FULLY expressed all that you want to express, AND the book feels how you want it to feel, as we get closer to done. Whatever it takes!

Lastly, get ready to create a solid habit of celebrating, because we’re marking your milestones with JOY, together – every single last one … including right after the final word you type. By the end of our work together, you’ll be so fully integrated and anchored in the book writing process, you’ll have a system you can put on repeat, for every book you write after, for the rest of your life. You can also apply what you embody in our work together to social media posts, blog posts, articles, virtually anything you write.

Your role: Show up and be you, exactly where you are at, with whatever you have going on, right now. Knowing your results are up to you, ready to do the work. Ready to be coached, contribute to making step-by-step plans with me, for your book success, then whenever you get stuck, share that with me, so I can support you moving from stuck to finished.

My role: As your mentor and coach, I’m here to share everything that worked for me, with you, as well as encourage re-training of old mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve you, to help you get clear, stay clear, and empower your success. So while our goal together is to complete your book, so much more goes into it. This is about you. Your evolution. Your growth. Your development. Your forward movement. Your expansion. My sleeves are rolled up, I’m so ready to do whatever it takes to support you.

Coaching is an ongoing, year round service. You only pay for your initial two hour Diamond Intensive and your first month, one time. From there, there is a monthly price, with an open door policy.

Choose to stay as long as you like, because I trust you to know when you feel complete and leave when you are ready.

Here are your next steps:

1. Click APPLY NOW, fill out the quick form, to receive your payment link.

2. Make your payment.

3. Emails arrive with access to my schedule to book in your Diamond Intensive, your follow-up sessions, plus any bonuses like your questionnaire, which you can start filling out right away, to get a head start on your coaching.

Investment Levels for Private Mentoring & Coaching with Gina Silvestri:

Pay in Full for Six Months: $18k

Payment Plan for Six Months: $3.5k/month thereafter

Email any questions you have to


What if I have questions or need support?

Email at any time, day or night. Our team is here to serve you.

How do I know how much time I need to finish my book?

Options for containers longer than six months are available. When you fill out the application form, there is a space for you to comment or ask questions. Feel free to ask for exactly how many additional months you would like, if you know now. Otherwise, options for continuing past six months can be discussed at any other time. It’s up to you!

What if I want to finish my book faster than six months?

We are here to serve! Accelerated time frames are Gina’s favourite way to work. Just click “Apply Now” above, then indicate how fast you want to complete your book. We will respond to you within 48 hours.

What if I need more than six months of Gina’s coaching/mentoring service?

Options for containers longer than six months are available. When you fill out the application form, there is a space for you to comment or ask questions. Feel free to ask for exactly how many additional months you would like, if you know now. Otherwise, options for continuing past six months can be discussed at any other time. It’s up to you!

What happens if I purchase a package then finish early?

We find six months to be a sweet spot for finishing and polishing memoirs, so there isn’t usually extra time left over. Since we do not offer refunds on coaching, feel free to use this time to write anything else that involves your personal story. For example, our clients have written articles, sales pages, social media posts, website pages, and more books with Gina, with any extra time left over in their initial six month packages.

What is the financing fee for payment plans?

We are happy to finance any package for you. Our rate is 8%.

Do you offer refunds for coaching?

Since coaching is a product that cannot be returned, we do not offer refunds for any coaching packages. This includes unused portions. See question above pertaining to finishing early, for ideas on how to use any leftover coaching time.

What if I purchased a text or video/phone package before purchasing my intensive, by accident?

In order to provide you with the best coaching experience, we require at minimum that a two hour intensive session with Gina before starting with weekly or monthly coaching. This allows Gina to be deeply attuned to your book before she starts coaching you, allowing you to maximize your coaching time with her. All of this to say, you can just purchase your two hour intensive or use what you did purchase as a credit toward this session. It’s totally up to you.

DISCLAIMER: We obviously do not guarantee specific results. We know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. We have watched hundreds of people, with inspiring life stories to tell, get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. We don’t guarantee completed books or increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.

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