Business Success Readings by Gina Silvestri



What is this session for?

This is a 60 minute phone session, for both men and women, who want to understand their energy architecture and framework, which is a powerful tool for navigating business success. This empowers you to maximize efficiency in your business (and life) according to how you are designed to operate and succeed.

You will also have time to ask Gina questions about anything you’re feeling stuck on or would like support with.

What is Human Design?

The founder of Human Design calls it “a user manual for your life.”

It is a logical It’s a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design.

As a business & life coach helping people reach their goals, it’s certainly been an incredible tool, to:

  • help you understand how your energetic architecture was set at your birth
  • help you know why things are stuck or “not working out” when you feel a lack of progress or movement toward your goals
  • help you clear up confusion about your future direction, when we plug this into your greater business vision
  • know the best way for you to set up your business and life for success, according to how you operate best AND free up any and all shame, guilt or past regret around this

How Human Design Changed My Life

I love human design! It helped me realize so much about myself, specifically when I looked back over my life, assessing times I created incredible success for myself, and times when I didn’t, through the lens of Human Design.

It’s been a powerful tool for experimenting my way through life with, not just with myself, but once I took courses and studied on how to give readings for my clients, I saw the same success with them, too.

For me, more than anything, Human Design provided me with A HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!

I slowed way down on my lifelong habit of being hard on myself, on beating myself for functioning (or, rather, not functioning LOL) in a certain way.


Because when I discovered that only 20% of humans have my specific design, it made sense that why trying to be like most of the population, never worked for me. I was then empowered to use the correct energy strategy for my relationships, business and life.

Why is VIP your Best Value?

Add 17 days of unlimited coaching via Gina’s private 1:1 multi-media app.

It’s non-stop support! This is where you can text, leave voice or video notes, or screenshots and images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You send messages, then Gina pops in once or twice a day to respond to each and every one of your messages.

This app coaching begins the day of your live session with Gina, so you have plenty of follow-up support for your business success journey.

So How Does This Work?

STEP ONE – Receive your booking link via email upon purchase, to choose your date and time for our session.

STEP TWO – Get your chart through a separate link, also emailed to you, upon purchase.

STEP THREE – Write down your questions for me, however many arise for you until our session date, then I’ll see you in the session.