Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Success Coach or Mentor?

In short, someone who supports your success.

A mentor is someone who has achieved the results you want to achieve.

A coach has the necessary skills to coach you to achieve those results.

Since Gina has lived this rags to riches journey herself, and has been mentored, coached, trained and taught by top women in the industry, she does both.

Who is this coaching for?

This coaching is for women who are on a rags to riches path, whatever that looks like, for each woman.

Do you have to own a business?

No, but you are welcome to work with Gina, if you do. Gina works with women who have never had a business, as well women who don’t yet have one but want to start one, as well as brand new business owners, and more seasoned business owners.

Does Gina only coach certain types of businesses, or any kind?

If you do have a business, Gina works with coaches and service providers, including consultants, mentors, therapists – anyone who provides a service and wants to grow their business.

Gina has also worked with women who sell products, for example women who belong to MLMs, or make jewelry, art, books, etc.

If you do sell a product, this coaching will work best for you if you want to be involved in selling your product, coaching a team who sells your product, or both.

What is included in a coaching package?

As soon as you sign up to be Gina’s private coaching client, you receive an optional questionnaire to fill out, which includes questions about what goals you would like to achieve, and what obstacles you’re facing. If you choose to fill this out, Gina will read it before your first session, to maximize your time with her, and get the most bang for your buck.

You will then have an intensive session with Gina, which is a longer, video session via Zoom (90 minutes, half day or full day – it’s your choice! You may also choose audio only if you prefer.) where you will etch out your step by step success plan, and Gina will answer any and all questions you may have.

Your follow-up sessions will then be every week (four per month total), plus you will have access to Gina via an app called Voxer, which is a multi-media app that you can type, video, audio, send images to Gina on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She will then pop on once or twice a day, to answer each and every one of your messages, and celebrate your wins with you.

As a private client you also get full access to Gina’s mastermind group, plus any live group programs she runs while you are a client.

What will coaching with Gina feel like?

Gina is a warm, intuitive woman who cares about her community, clients, and students very much! Her past and current clients describe her as loving, flexible, as well as wise with strong leadership skills.

The first thing Gina will do in every one of your calls, is listen. She wants you to feel fully heard, validated, and supported. She will then answer your questions, and help you work through obstacles on your rags to riches path, by proving you with tools, techniques, and strategies that have had her and her clients achieve incredible results. READ CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES HERE

Is Gina involved in any kind of MLM or other company?

Gina is not partnered, working for, or involved in any other company. She is a mentor and coach, and has been since September 2009. There will be zero pressure for you to join any company, MLM or anything like that. Her focus is supporting your greatest passion, and if you don’t know what yours is yet, equipping you with everything you’ll need to discover it.

Having said this, if your passion is working in an MLM company, she loves working with women who are involved with MLMs, and has much experience with it.