Life Stories For Business

Top reasons to share your personal life experience in your business world.

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As you can see, sharing stories is the direct path to business success.


Connecting to people, so you can help and serve them, is what business is all about!

And there’s no greater way to do this, than through personal story.

Challenges business owners face:

  • which personal story to share
  • how to write for sales without being manipulative or creepy, but still being IMPACTFUL
  • how to feel great sharing, because you know the greater purpose and how to share without feeling like:
    • you’ve shared way too much
    • people will judge you
    • it will impact your business in negative ways

We believe WIN-WIN always: you provide QUALITY INSPIRING STORY, your book makes huge impact, and you are supported financially through book sales and so much more! So here’s what we provide for business owners:

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Photo credits on this page: Jopwell

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