Scholarships & Donations

If you are a woman who wants to take one of my programs, but find yourself in financial need, or if you would like to donate to the fund supporting these women, this page is for you!

Apply for Your Scholarship Here

My goal is to not have to turn any woman away who is needing support. So my company has spaces available for women in need, plus any funds that are donated, will be used to support your coaching journey with me here.

I am honoured to be providing scholarships and so excited for the women receiving them!

The application begins on Facebook, so send me a message HERE to begin.

I’m looking forward to connecting.

Donate Here

Thank you for contributing to women in need who would like to take one of my coaching services. Your contribution means the world!

All donations are applied directly to the courses and/or coaching that women desire, but can’t afford to enrol in themselves at this time.

Each applicant is carefully vetted to prevent scams or misallocated funds, including a live interview and verification procedures.

Please note that I am not a non-profit organization, but you will be provided with a purchase receipt for my coaching service.

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