Write Your Life Story With Gina

  • The process enhances you personally – Making sense of your life experiences, re-framing them into empowered prose integrates and uplifts you into a deeper state of wholeness, through the process of writing. Even if you hire Gina as a ghostwriter, to write your book for you, the process of being interviewed, reviewing your manuscript drafts as she writes and revises, yields exact same personal benefits.
  • Leaving legacies for our families is precious – The one thing we cannot replace in life is memories of our experiences. Some of the greatest regrets we can have in life is not talking more with the people in our lives who hold stories that mean something to our lives. It’s sad but true, that our memories and stories pass away with us, so getting them down on paper protects them and mitigates you from this risk, forever!
  • Stories are the key to success for every business – Since business success is about helping people, you need a way to connect with them. It only takes a quick google to find study after study showing how sharing our stories is the most powerful way to connect with each other. Therefore every business needs a personal story to share, so people can connect to your business in a meaningful way, whether this is through a full-length book, an about page on your website, or an article published to share with the world.
  • Let’s not forget passive income! Whatever the reason you’re getting your life story down on paper, it’s easier than ever to publish your book online, to start earning income on it straight away. 

Gina’s clients and students are both women who like to write and women who don’t like to write but have inspiring stories to tell, who want to experience the benefits outlined in the “why we do this work” section above, no matter which of the following stages of getting it down on paper they are at:

  • have just started thinking about getting their life story down on paper
  • who have already started writing their life story, now just need help
  • entrepreneurs who need help writing their life story, bios, books and/or articles about them for their business
  • people who want their life story written for them

For women who don’t like to write, we offer a done-for-you ghostwriting service.

  • Automated passive generated set up via books published on Amazon and elsewhere 
  • About pages on websites and articles written about their life story that are worth celebrating!
  • Legacy books for their families to read for generations to come
  • More energy, vibrant health, sense of fulfillment, joy and a powerful magnetism that attracts new friends, clients and romantic partners, by evolving into the best versions of themselves by going through the process of understanding their life experiences, forgiving themselves and others, letting go of heavy energy they’ve been carrying around, and celebrating their life experiences as their story gets written.

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