Gina’s Life Story Video Vault

Do you KNOW you’re meant to get your life story down on paper, but you just don’t seem to ever get it done?

Are you tired of telling people you love you want to get it done but month after month, year after year, it’s still not down on paper?

Is there an ACHING inside, knowing this is meant to be, that people (maybe even your family) is meant to read it, so much so you’re starting to feel off balance, like you’re living the wrong life?

That is how I felt not that long ago. Until I decided to stop stopping myself, so I could finally get it down, done and published.

All I could think about was getting my life story down on paper. I took jobs with one goal in mind: making enough money to support myself so I could spend all my time writing it. I wanted it more than anything . . . but finishing it seemed impossible.

I kept starting and stopping, starting and stopping. I even rented a cabin in the middle of the woods for two months, with all my notes, shocked at the end of that trip that it still was not done.

Now it’s my honour to help others get their life story down and done, too.

Here is exactly what you’ll learn in my video vault trainings. There is one video training for every topic below, totalling over 200 minutes:

  • How to give yourself full permission to say everything and anything you want to say
  • How to choose which life story experience to share – there are so many, right?
  • How to access your truest, deepest power to make your writing experience flow easy, fun, fast as possible
  • How to stop resting on laurels from the past (this happens to amazing women like you, how have accomplished A LOT) so you can light your fire hot enough to get your life story down and done
  • How to get comfortable with uncomfortable parts of writing
  • How to create a healthy, positive constant for your life story so other parts of your life like your family, health, other important relationships, finances or business don’t suffer while you take the time required to write
  • How to keep feeling good as you write, so that you write well, because readers can feel the energy you write in, EVERY TIME
  • How to handle changing your mind as you write, so that you keep moving toward that finish line (instead of getting confused, side-tracked, or lost like many writers do)
  • How to release old, unwanted energy that comes up as you write about past experiences
  • How to build and maintain faith in yourself as a writer
  • How to process any deeper emotional trauma that may come up as you write
  • How to recognize and use archetypes in your writing, to make your process less confusing and complicated
  • How to handle that eleventh hour pressure to get it done (aka deadlines) without burning yourself out
  • How to find time to write
  • How to forgive yourself as you visit your past to write about it
  • How to STOP getting everything else done except your writing (I see you doing that laundry, those dishes, everything else but the writing you’re meant to do … heeheeheee 😉
  • How to tell when you’re off track, so you can get back on your DONE track
  • How to keep that pen moving (or fingers typing) no matter what
  • How to build and hold the superstar confidence required to reach THE END
  • How to know *exactly* what to focus on every time you sit down to write
  • How to receive support and make it your foundation as you write
  • How to add FIRE to your life story to make sure it’s appealing and interesting for the people who are meant to read it
  • How to eliminate the “Maybe I’m Not Meant To Write This” writer’s block
  • How to tune into and maximize the power in VULNERABILITY as you write (this will serve your whole life, not just this book BTW!)
  • How to handle when other people interfere with your writing

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  • How Writing A Book About Your Life Story Triples Your Business Profits
  • Down & Done: The Secret Sauce to Getting Your Life Story Down on Paper and Finally Done
  • How to Stay Consistent with Getting Your Life Story Down On Paper
  • Finding Time to Get Your Life Story Down on Paper … once and for all 
  • Sharing Our Life Stories BRAVELY, Together: Overcoming Fears of Being Judged 
  • 3 Ways to Create Passive Income by Sharing Your Life Story with the World
  • Eliminating the “Maybe I’m Not Meant to Write A Book” Myth
  • Why Sharing Your Life Story is Essential for Mega Business Profits 
  • How Sharing Your Life Story Puts Money in your bank account
  • The Real Reason Your Life Story Book isn’t Done & What To Do About It 
  • How to Know *Exactly* Which Life Story to Write