Like A Boss Bundle

Are you ready to OWN IT like never before?

Do you want to step into this version of yourself, that you KNOW you were born to be?

Ready to shift those rags into EVEN MORE riches?

You don’t need to be a boss for this bundle.

This is about owning your power.


What’s included in this bundle?

There are three programs in this bundle:

  • Wildly Worthy & Wealthy Now


because it’s an illusion that you’re not worthy of exactly what you desire, right now,

including extraordinary wealth.

Here’s what I’m resolving, answering and knocking out of the park with you in this home study program:

-“Why me? Why am I worthy of wealth?” You will be answering this question with certainty and zero doubt by the end of this program.

-“What do I do when I have the thought “who do you think you are?” or when someone actually says that to me?” You will know exactly what this is, and how to handle it, so it stops getting in your way of success.

-“Am I really worth all this time, attention and money?” Yes! That will be your answer, unequivocally, without doubt, as you use this home study program to re-align your energy, and therefore physical circumstances, to your wildly worthy and wealthy life.

-“Why am I worth it?? What makes me worthy of it all, of ‘having it all’ like successful people say?” Get ready to be 100% certain that you are worthy.

-“What if people reject or disown me for being too snobby, too rich, and overall too much?” This one is so much easier than our monkey minds have us thinking, you will know exactly what to say and do if this ever happens.

-“What if I am living SO FAR from the life I really want, like really at rock bottom, the worst I can imagine, I have never felt worse in my life, do I have to wait to take this program?” No, no more waiting, Sister. I designed this program for you to use when the worst things happen in life, and you can’t imagine it getting any worse – because it’s exactly the mindset gold in this program you need to move yourself out and through.

  • Speed Up Your Success Now



  • Trust & Believe in Money

What I’m teaching you in this class changed my money life forever. 

It gave me power, hope, vitality, excitement.

It gave me my energy back – the energy that used to go toward worrying, being depressed, panicking, freaking the F out, making decisions that didn’t feel good to my soul.

I can now say with 100% confidence that I can navigate ANY money situation I find myself in, without ruining my vibrant state of life, and so can you. 

Bonus On Now

  • Bye Bye Debt Sweat

Ready to STOP letting debt rule your world, for good?

We can’t be financially empowered when we’re all sweaty with energy that repels what we really want: that debt sweat-free life.

Too many work-at-home boss babes are being held down by the stress toll having debt can take on them, so I’ve unleashed all my debt-eliminating power and sharing my 3-step process for eliminating all the things making you sweat about debt.

This is THE learn-at-home audio program you need eliminate debt stress for good. It takes the heavy out of debt, and carries the power to uplift and eliminate heavy debt energy around the world!

I’m so excited to deliver it directly to your email box, for you to keep forever!!!



Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Do I get my bonuses straight away?

Yes. These are delivered to you first, right away.

Can I get a refund?

Since your product is delivered, in full, upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!

How do I get support when I need help?

Once you make your payment, you have my direct email and immediate access to my team for any help you may require. You can also ask any questions you may have during our LIVE trainings, or any time in between those trainings. OR, if you have a question or need support right now, just email now!