LEGEND: The Mastermind

We do it … for them!

I was walking through dense forest back in 2011, when it hit me:

It’s time to get my life story, down on paper.

My gut felt it so strong, I knew it was time. I knew it would help the world, somehow.

MY SOUL HAD JUST SAID SO, and I always listen to my soul . . . but I was worried:

  • what people would think of me?
  • what if it changes my life, forever (not in a good way)?
  • what if I don’t have the skill, time, or money to focus on something so time-consuming?

What changed everything for me, what had me transform from a woman wanting to get her book done “someday,” to a woman who actually got it done, was TUNING INTO THEM.

Who was I writing this for?

What do they need right now?

How can I help and support them, in the most powerful way I know how, through this book?

As soon as I switched my focus, put my focus where it belonged, ON THEM … I realized there was more “them” to this situation, then I ever thought..

THEM … included my family, too – because knowing who we are, helps them know who they are.

THEM … included my community – because when I show up with excellence, they are inspired to show up with excellence, too.

THEM … even included me, too – because moving through the process of getting it all down on paper, helps me clear old energies from my body, increasing my vitality, confidence and magnetism, to things and experiences I wanted most in life.

I showed up, did whatever it took to *keep* showing up, until the book got done.

  • I didn’t care so much, what people would think … because I was doing it FOR THEM.
  • I committed to handling whatever changes it brought to my life … because I was doing it FOR THEM.
  • I learned the skills, found the time, sourced the money, to pull in whatever support I needed, and published my first book on Amazon in 2017, which has now been replaced with an updated, expanded book, I’m so proud of!

If you’re DONE with denying our families and communities the very stories they’re meant to be FUELLED and INSPIRED by, so they can succeed, exactly as they’re meant to – join us today.

PRE-WORK DROPS AUG 30TH, OFFICIAL START DATE IS SEPT 6TH *weekly meeting times and dates are decided by participants, together*

How Often Do We Meet?

This Mastermind includes WEEKLY group coaching calls (4/month).

We choose the times of those calls, together – to make sure they work for everyone.

PLUS calls are recorded, for you to keep forever.

AND I stay on the call with you, until ALL of your questions are answered.

How Does This Work?

First, you choose which payment option works best for you.

Then, you make your payment.

You’ll then be BOTH emailed and automatically directed to your Welcome audio.

On Sunday August 30th, you’ll receive your pre-work by email, plus an invitation to share three best options for dates and times for our weekly calls.

We then have our first weekly, on Sunday, September 6, 2020. You’ll be emailed instructions on how to join each call, via Zoom.

If you paid in full, you’ll also get IMMEDIATE access to your questionnaire via email, PLUS a link to my schedule, to book your bonus 1:1 call.

I can’t wait to connect with youuu!!

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