Meet Gina




“When I generated my first $30,000. sales week in this coaching business in 2014, I embodied confidence through my creativity, capability, and resourcefulness, like never before. THAT’S why I teach goal achievement mastery. THAT’S why I do what I do, it transforms lives from the inside out. . . in a meaningful way, that lasts.”

Gina helps women achieve their goals without overwhelm, exhaustion or depression, using journal exercises as her main mindset expansion and coaching modality.

Gina Silvestri has been showing women around the globe how to go from broken to capable since 2009.

She is widely known across the globe as “The Possibility Queen” and models real, raw transformation like nobody else.

She opens her heart and life to her community in a way that is hard to find in the coaching industry.

In 2009, she went from living with PTSD on disability assistance, to launching an online company that generated $30,000. sales in a week, organically. 

A verifiable ‘one in a million’ experience for a woman born in Canada, to an Italian immigrant family, whose mama was a nurse and papa was a bus driver.

Gina is known for helping other courageous, goal-getter women step into their capable confidence to make money online, find fulfilling romantic relationships, and no matter what they weigh, catapult their body confidence through the roof, using journal exercises as her main tool to get you into powerful energetic frequencies to prepare you for manifestation.

She then show you, in her warm, nurturing, compassionate coaching with you, how to take precise, efficient action that creates the business, wealth, relationships, and body confidence you desire, while standing there by your side, non-stop, with loving accountability, as you achieve your goals.

She has a powerful gift for helping women break through disempowering states of mind that make them feel incapable of accomplishing their goals, no matter what has gone on in their lives until now.

She takes a stand for women using their genius intuition, to achieve everything they desire in life. She believes that worlds open up for women the minute they start removing obstacles to knowing, detecting, obeying and protecting it.

She has led hundreds of clients to goal achievement, including leaving careers to start successful businesses that make $10k, $20k, $30k months, soul-based body confidence that never quits (no matter what they weigh), selling their coaching business real estate investments generating billion dollars in passive income, getting life stories down on paper and published that they could never before share, repairing dying marriages, and re-building their lives after leaving broken ones.

A true self-made woman, Gina started from the bottom, working through depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, extreme weight gain (150 pounds!), bankruptcy, teen domestic violence, poverty and the unique challenges facing women born into immigrant families, who don’t even speak the new country’s native language. She is now an unwavering force for showing people how to tap into their true worth and goal-achieving capability.

She grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, and is now living deep in the mountains of British Columbia with her sweetheart Chris, their three cats, and the bears, mountain lions, deer, and bobcats roaming on their lawn every day . . . but you can find her live-streaming her adventures online leaving a wake of unstoppable confidence and success behind her.

Writing/Publication History

Gina was obsessed with journalling as a young girl, then writing and publishing as a teen, when she started incorporating “success mindset” training to add power to her writing punch! She’s now been publishing for over twenty years, and a Success/Goal Achievement Mentor for over ten years with heaps of client success stories here.

Prior to becoming a Mentor, she worked for the government for twelve years, writing family histories and counselling progress reports, often in a formal capacity for courthouses, so that youth in crisis were connected to appropriate and sufficient community resources.

No matter her formal employment or job, her writing spirit burst through! Gina has now been writing books and articles for others, as a ghostwriter, since 2000.

Her entrepreneurial spirit also came through, even pausing attaining her university degree to try her hand at business. She was mentored by The Women’s Enterprise Society of B.C. in her first business, which was a coffeehouse/bookstore that she owned and operated in Maple Ridge, British Columbia in 1996. 

She did go back to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from Simon Fraser University, in addition to thrice yearly (minimum) training in mental health and life challenges in her government career mentioned above, for eighteen years.

Her published her first book on Amazon in 2017 and her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Tonic Toronto Magazine, Vibrance Magazine, and Boho Daily and more.

She has also been, and remains committed to investing in her growth by working with the best mentors on the planet. Personal development and evolution is her driving value. 

For eleven years, she was mentored by Giller-Prize Winner and Man Booker Prize runner-up Austin Clarke.

She has attended Nathalie Goldberg’s weekend intensive writing workshops in Sedona, Arizona.

She also attended Julia Cameron’s day long workshop in Toronto, practicing her Morning Page ritual with her, in person (making her writer’s heart melt, of course!).

She belongs to success mentoring communities and works with personal mindset and business success coaches to evolve and walk the same talk she preaches to her clients.

Fun Facts About Gina

When she’s not frolicking in the woods with her mountain man and his two boys, or snuggling at home with their many fur babes, she’s showing women how to thrive beyond trauma symptoms, so they can create success, and embody their capability confidence like never before. Here are some fun facts about her world, written in her own words and emoji-speak . . .

🚙 🐈 🌲 I drove 4800 kilometres, across Canada by myself, just me and my feline sidekick Pepe, hanging with moose and bears on our pit stops along the way, in remote locations.

😯 📚 🤩 I wrote my first book about a major body transformation back in 2004: After growing up slim and athletic, even working as a mainstream fashion model, I gained 150 pounds at age 29. This is what my book on Amazon is about: gaining then releasing that weight, plus all things involved in this transformation, which led me to live, vanity aside, from my most authentic self.

📚 ✍️💗 One of the best times of my life was attending a Commonwealth Prize event with top notch short-listed authors. I was an insider guest, so it was just me and some of the top writers on the planet! It was a week long event, in Canada’s rocky mountains. I had the best week ever, hanging out, picking their brains, immersed in the lives of successful authors.

🇮🇹 ❤️ ⛪️ I’ve been inside The Sistine Chapel (Mamma Mia!)

🌲 🐈 🌲 I lived in Northern Canada in a cottage alone for four months, deep in the forest. I knew no-one and I loved it, and wrote my heart out, of course!

🐫 ✨ 🏠 I’ve also lived in a mesa in the middle of the desert, alone….I love my solitary trips for quality writing time.

🌲🌲🌲🌲 I am obsessed with forests, living in them, playing in them —in case you haven’t noticed, my most used emoji is the tree 🌲 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 😉