Money Queen

Are you done with asking money for permission to have the experiences you want to have in life?

Do you want to reign over money with integrity instead of feeling subservient to it?

Are you ready to quadruple your cash flow like the Queen you were born to be?

If so, Money Queen was made for you.

Get ready to quadruple your cash flow using quantum tools and wealth strategies that catapult your relationship with money into deep life purpose, ease, and fun!

A Message From Your Course Creator

Hiiiiiii Future Money Queen!!!

I’m Gina Silvestri, a Success Coach on a mission to normalize $5k sales days for female coaches, healers and consultants. I’ve been coaching women entrepreneurs for over ten years since September of 2009 and feel fully aligned with this as my life’s purpose.

My passion is supporting women to thrive, including healing their relationship to money, because it wasn’t that long ago when I was sleeping on my ex-boyfriend’s floor after yet another failed relationship, that left me in financial devastation. I decided then and there never to hand over the kind of power that could devastate me to an outside circumstance or person, again. I committed to being my “best me,” first, then dove into inner quantum work like my hair was on fire, because metaphorically? It was.

To my surprise, three months after my commitment, I generated my first $30,000. sales week in this very coaching business you’re reading about. I now help women entrepreneurs do the same, and have since generated countless $5k, $8k, $24k cash days for myself, my students and clients, doing what I love, following quantum science and solid soul-inspired business strategy, every step of the way.

Money Queen was born hot in the midst of all this celebration and empowerment. This is the program I listen to myself, when I am expanding my financial empire, so it includes original trainings from my very first program, called Tell A New Story About Money, which I started teaching both online and in person, back in 2013.

PLUS there are brand new upgrades, including 36 new hours of fresh content created in 2021 when I ran this group LIVE with an amazing group of women. Their questions and answers are included, too!

I created this program as a one-stop shop for you to access ALL of my money manifesting secrets in one place, holding *nothing* back.

So if you’re ready to step into your Queen-hood with money, so you never have to ask money for permission to live how you want to, again, I’m thrilled to welcome you.

See you inside!

Who this is for . . .

-You who know you’re meant to be supported by money in massive ways in this lifetime.

-You are either at the beginning of your Queenly money journey, or at any other point along the way toward reaching your next big financial goal. Money Queen is for brand new coaches, healers, and consultants, as well as seasoned business owners.

-You want to transform, enhance, or quantum boost your relationship with money.

-You are ready to learn what it takes to manifest money in a way that is aligned with your deepest values, vision and integrity.

-You are committed to a long-term wealth game by mastering the skills required to build, maintain and expand your empire.

Who This is Not For . . .

-Women who aren’t fascinated with quantum energy, universal principles, as well as tangible success strategy.

-Women who don’t have their whole heart in what they’re doing to generate money OR if you’re in a job or business that doesn’t engage your heart, passion and spirit, you’re taking this program to step into this energy now. Money Queen will serve you well.

-Women who are wanting to receive marching orders for their business, instead of tuning in and learning to trust their intuition, then command and mould energy, circumstances, and finances to match their deepest, true desires.

So why is Money Queen A MUST?

Because of your Inner Money Monsters.

Money monsters are “invisible” thought patterns, belief systems, feelings and mood states that scare you into keeping stuck into creating and maintaining the money situations you’re experiencing right now.

I coined this term for you to have a powerful and fun way to recognize then clear what needs to be cleared in your energetic field, so you can live the financial experience you desire.

Why the term monsters? Because they hide in your subconscious mind, which is below your level of conscious awareness, exactly like those monsters “under the bed” that we were afraid of as children.

In this way, your subconscious mind can be a “blind spot” stopping you from seeing what’s going on in those invisible patterns.

That’s you’ll do in Money Queen. You look at those patterns, and dissipate them. It’s like spraying repellant at these Money Monsters, to keep them away, for good.

As humans, we all have blind spots, so having someone to show you where yours are, through programs like these and/or private coaching and mentoring, is essential. They, and the corresponding money levels in our life that go along with them, stay exactly where they are. That’s why people experience frustration, and a “Groundhog Day” going round and round in the same money experiences, wondering why they are not changing, keeping you feeling stuck and like I wasn’t moving UP in my money-generating evolution.

Symptoms of Money Monsters … (AKA How You Know If You Have Them)

Money Monsters lodged in your systems feel like this:

🙈 Every time you receive money, it goes back out again. You can’t seem to hold onto it long enough for it to build, and amass into wealth that makes a difference in your life.

🙈 Just when you feel like you’re getting into your Queenly money-making flow, you watch yourself stop. You can’t seem to stay consistent for the life of you!

🙈 You’ve experienced success, but then you hit a confused point, where you don’t know what to do next. It’s like success amnesia.

🙈 Deep down inside, you know you were born to experience Queenly success, but feel so frustrated that it just doesn’t show up in your bank account.

🙈 Maybe you’ve even hired coaches, taken many success or business courses, but nothing seems to be working.

These are clear signs that monsters are running your money life, beneath the surface.

Are you ready to master *exactly* what it takes to clear these out, once and for all?

What We’re Covering . . .

👑 How to set money goals that don’t scare you into avoidance, which means you actually achieve them.

👑 How to move yourself from convenience orientation when it comes to your money manifestation, into commitment and then the highest possible state of dedication to achieving your money dreams.

👑 Become an expert in using the most powerful tool and requirement of money goals that all successful people utilize to generate the success they know they’re meant for.

👑 The difference between a money goal and a “wealth vision” that moves you forward easily and with Queen-calibre grace and power.

👑 How to embody 100% certainty that you will achieve your money goals, so you can see the evidence of you achieving your money goals, no matter what.

👑 Master the art of finding your sweet spot between masculine money energy and feminine money energy I know how and when to use each of these, and for what.

👑 What to do when you feel desperate for money (we have all been there) and how to pop yourself into the kind of financial confidence that only a Queen can embody, then stay there.

👑 How to move yourself into empire building money making action when you feel stifled, stuck and frozen and like taking action is the LAST thing you want to do.

👑 Lifetime access to my Step-by-Step Money Manifestation System to win your battle against confusion, insecurity or feeling lost, so that these never interfere with you making your Queenly money vision a reality, again.


-clearing deep collective and ancestral blocks in your personal energy system as it relates to money.

-how to manage “freezing up” around money

-healing stressful, toleration, uncomfortable and unsatisfying elements in your relationship with money

-eliminating self-sacrificing and self-sabotage patterns in your money life

-releasing “blood sweat and tears” money attitudes; replacing them with “work less, make more” energy

-becoming 100% of your total source for your financial security

-creating wealth from the inside out using quantum strategy

-untangling toxic elements in your relationship with money, so every area of your life will benefit from free, clear, healthy, life-giving energy.

-mastering your emotions around money, so you can be the Queenly money magnet your were born to be

-developing and embodying *true* sovereignty around money

Investment Options for Money Queen:

This is a complete Money Manifestation Program Library, 44 Hours of Trainings Total that you listen to at your own pace, plus it’s Yours to Keep Forever.

PAY IN FULL: $2,222. for full program delivered up front


Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Do I get my bonuses straight away?

Yes. These are delivered to you first, right away.

Can I get a refund?

Since your product is delivered, in full, upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!

How do I get support when I need help?

Once you make your payment, you have my direct email and immediate access to my team for any help you may require. You can also ask any questions you may have during our LIVE trainings, or any time in between those trainings. OR, if you have a question or need support right now, just email now!