Private One to One Goal Achievement Packages

Hey there, Client Queen!

It’s time to SMASH your success goals, TOGETHER.

Are you ready to work less + make more, so you can make a huge difference in the world?

How about saying BYE BYE to draining stress, exhaustion and always being pressed for time?

Then replacing that with a whole lot of fun and ease as you smash your success goals?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Gina Silvestri.

Not that long ago, I was working in a career that ended in extreme burn-out, gaining 150 pounds and too many medical diagnoses in the process.

I was a social worker. I wanted to help my community so bad . . .

I didn’t see that I was hurting myself. Staying late. Never saying no to extra work. Not taking care of myself. Giving my whole life to work.

When I decided to change my life, I discovered I had a belief that work meant suffering.

I focused on my energy, my thoughts, my deepest soul desires for my life, my life purpose, my belief system, my values,

and I shifted it all, until I became my version of a happy, successful business woman, doing what I love, making the kind of money I once made in a year, now in a day, a week, or month.

I now help women to achieve success goals, by working less, and making more, so they can make a huge difference in the world, exactly as they were born to do.

What You Will Master While Working with Me

Get + Stay in Your Inevitable Success Zone

I will show you how to tap into your inner power, on a daily basis, to achieve, and then keep achieving your success goals, knowing that “work” gets to be fun, light and productive, while impressively profitable.

Fast + Easy Shortcuts for Your Whole Life

Efficiency is my zone of genius, so you will master all the tools, techniques and methods that catapulted my success, in a way that feels natural and good to you as we build your life purpose empire.

Purposeful, Fulfilling, Lasting Success & Wealth

Fulfilling your life purpose means knowing exactly what it is, how to make it win-win for both you and the people you were born to serve. This is the kind of success and wealth that lasts.

Benefits of Working with Me Privately

*learn tangible health, financial, business and life skills from an expert who has “been there” – I have completely transformed my life, and I’m here to show you what worked for me.

*your motivational fire will be lit to LEVEL UNSTOPPABLE as you watch yourself get and stay consistent with what really matters. This productivity then generates consistent success!

*the skills you learn with me last a lifetime and transfer to all areas in your life

*you learn how to support your own energetic health in the highest, healthiest, and easiest (=happiest!) way

*if you own a business, you can teach your clients what I teach you

*you’ll be empowered to work through even your deepest wounds quickly

*master handling pressure, which is the #1 thing that stops people from REALLY GOING FOR their dreams

*learn how to sell in a way that will remove awkwardness and discomfort around “sales” and allow it to become the easy, beautiful, FUN process it is meant to be

*clear your money blocks once and for all and allow the abundance you deserve to flow into your life at last – we all deserve to feel supported, resourceful, and capable

*I offer a unique, invaluable “I’ve been there” experience that is rare in the coaching industry – I’ve been broke (lived on disability insurance = government financial support for many years), overweight, and on my death bed in 2004 (health-wise) before completely turning my life around, and I LOVE sharing her stories and answering your questions as I do!

*you not only get MY expertise, you also get the wisdom and resources of my high-level Mentors & Coaches. I walk my talk, and invests in my own growth regularly, so that you have access to the wealth of wisdom that these resources offer, too. I know what it feels like to invest significant amounts of money in mentorship (and how it can be very scary at first…), and that we all have “blind spots” so we require immense support!

*step-by-step action plans based on your very specific needs, desires and goals

*100% accountability in a loving but yes, definitely, butt-kicking way that brings out the best in you

*continuous reminders of your TRUE LIMITLESS capability and potential, on a regular basis

*all calls are RECORDED for you, so that you can listen to them again and again and again, and download onto any device you like. This enables you to listen while you are working out, walking outside, anywhere you like!

Package Details – What You Get

Intensive then Weekly Sessions

Each of my private one to one packages begin with a longer intensive session (2 hours, half day or full day) where you share about your goals, what’s happening with your achievement, then we etch out a step-by-step plan to make it happen. You’ll then have my follow-up support in weekly sessions (4 per month).

Continuous 24/7 + Voxer Access

Voxer is a multi-media app that allows you to send me messages about any challenge you encounter, as they arise. This is my secret success tool, because when you have daily access to me, you prevent getting stuck in the future. I call it 24/7 “plus” because you are in my energy, all the time, which makes goal achievement speed up to mind-blowing levels and frequencies.

Live Groups + Trainings Forever

As my private, 1:1 client, you’ll also have complimentary access to ALL live group trainings that I run. You keep every program, course and training in your library for a lifetime, to listen back on as often as you like, forever.


Why Choose Me?

(A.K.A My Love Letter to My Future Client)

I do this work because my whole heart and soul is in it. Because my “rags to riches” story had me visiting all kinds of life circumstances. Can you say “struggle bus stories for days” much? I love sharing them, and using them as teaching tools.

I’ve never seen anything make success easier, more fun, or deeply fulfilling, than this powerhouse work I do with you. I know after collapsing my annual salary into a single day by creating $30k cash weeks and $20k cash days, doing what I love, that it’s life-changing when women step up and say YES to their powerhouse business success with me.

Every time we connect, even when you’re moving through challenging energies, I feel the win-win of our connection. You show up and I show up, so we both have the privilege of doing the work we were designed to do.

The celebrations we have! The giggles! They light up my soul. I also love empowering you with tools you can use forever, as I guide you through the deepest parts of your goal achievement transformation.

My track record of success, both in my own business and in the businesses I coach my clients on, allows me to say with confidence that becoming the successful business woman you dream of, is so possible for you!

I hold this strong, certain space for you. One where your doubts, fears and blocks, while held tenderly, and appreciated for the gifts they offer, dissipate quick.

My background includes ten years of success coaching (I started this mentoring business in September of 2009), plus being coached myself by top minds in the industry. I attained my Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University, where I studied social sciences, including sociology and psychology.

I also started my first business, which was a coffeehouse/bookstore, when I was twenty-one years old, which means I’ve had entrepreneurial experience myself for nearly four decades.

I cannot wait to build your empire with you!

XO Gina


Choose your three, six or twelve month commitment level

Payment Plan is $3k USD/month for every commitment level,

or you may choose a one time, pay in full payment as follows:

Three Months $8.5k USD (Save $500)

Six Months $17k USD (Save $1k)

Twelve Months $34k USD (Save $2k)

The cost of your intensive is billed separately, or added to your first month only.

Intensives begin at $1.5k USD for two hours, $2k USD for half days (4 hours), $3k USD for full days (6 hours).

Next Steps

1. Quick chat on Facebook Messenger to get acquainted.

We will have a quick chat over Facebook messenger to get acquainted, then celebrate your decision to up level your business and life with me. EEE! I’m so excited!!!

2. Receive your link then start Voxer right away.

I’ll send you your payment link, then you’ll have access to my Voxer straight away.

3. Gift arrives by email then you set your session dates.

You’ll receive a gift via email, which is a questionnaire that you can begin right away, to anchor into this inevitable success energy right now (totally optional), plus links to set both your intensive and weekly sessions in advance.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

with our quick chat.