Have you always wanted 100% clarity about what you were born to do?

Are you ready for complete certainty on what your life purpose is, aka that thing you’re meant to do, that will serve others AND bring you the wealth you know you’re meant for, both at the same time?

If so, my Purpose Program is for you!

We go for 4 weeks straight, starting Feb 9th.

Who this program is for:

Women who want to gain absolute clarity about their life purpose = what they were born to do, as well as access the wealth they know they are destined for, through.

You can be at ANY stage of life, business or no business, any walk of life.

I’m Gina Silvestri, Your Program Creator . . .

Not that long ago, I was working at a government job that exhausted me, drove me to overeat, and ultimately live with 17 medical diagnoses – plus all the prescriptions that went along with them.

I was stressed to the max!

It wasn’t until I was able to infuse JOY into my “work” life, by plugging in deep to what on earth I was born to do, to claim the wealth that I knew, deep inside, I was born for.

Less than five years after doing the work I’m teaching in this program, I had my first $30,000 sales week in this same coaching business you’re reading this page through.

That convinced me, without a doubt, that life purpose work is the work that matters. I’ve since helped hundreds of women tap into their unique life purpose, then blow their own minds with how much money they could bring in by showing up to fulfill exactly what they were born to do – many of them making what they used to make in six months, in mind-blowingly shorter periods, exactly like I did. All of them doing exactly what they love.

None of us growing up with silver spoons in our mouths, or parents teaching us how to be wealthy. My parents were both born in Italy, so I grew up in an hard-working, immigrant family. My dad drove the city bus for his entire life, my mom worked as a nurse.

So I ask you: if it’s possible for me, and the women I have mentored and taught, do you believe it’s possible for you, too?

What We’re Covering:

-Gain absolute clarity on how to get off the hamster wheel of working at jobs you hate, once and for all. -Figure out exactly what on earth you’re here to do so you can claim the wealth you were born for.

-Gain absolute clarity on how to make “working” easy and fun -Clear ALL confusion about what your life purpose is

-Know exactly what to do in those moments when you change your mind about what you want to do, or your awareness of your life purpose is ready to evolve , WITHOUT interrupting your money-making flow. You really do get to make money, steady, no matter what!!

-Discover how to feel safe and secure in your life purpose work, even when doubt comes up, tempting to make you go running back to jobs you hate.

-Step into unwavering confidence about who you are, and what you came here to do, with such POWER that nobody and nothing can shake you.

-Become the powerful, independent force of creation that you were born to be, so you can take care of people you love and write checks that make a massive difference to the causes and charities you love.

-Embody positive expectation about your life and how it works so strongly that your overall sense of JOY is forever increased.

-Know EXACTLY what to do in the future when your sense of solid abundance, joy and purpose is rocked in any way, shape or form.

-Learn how to tap into your resourcefulness in a way that has you feeling supported, first and foremost BY YOU, like never before.

-Access your inborn ability to receive any and all the support you need and want in life, when you need and want it, knowing with unshakable confidence that it’s always available to you, and it’s impossible for you to want to much of it. You really do get to have exactly as much support that you need and want!

-Be able to breathe through crises that, in the past would have had you out of commission for hours, weeks, months, maybe even years.

-Get comfortable with getting up and doing what it takes to claim the wealth you’re born for, because work feels fun and easy for you now.

-Master the art of blasting through anything that stands in the way of living out your purpose.

-Understand without a doubt why not knowing and acting upon your life purpose has kept you stuck in the past and how to unravel similar situations and mind blocks, should they arise again.

-Calibrate to a fun, wealthy, whole, healthy way of living by doing what you need to do, to live in alignment with your life’s purpose

How It Works:

  1. Make your payment
  2. Receive your BONUS email straight away, to start writing with us DAILY now.
  3. Receive your WELCOME email straight away, with all dates, details and pre-work details you get to begin working on *before* our official start date.
  4. You will then join me for the LIVE video trainings, PDF modules, audio trainings, and any bonuses I add along the way, for this four weeks we are together.
  5. All content is yours to then keep forever.

BONUS ON NOW ($394. Value):

Receive two whole months FREE in my daily journalling/writing group. This is DAILY contact with me and other *incredible* women. Read full details about this group HERE.