Are you ready to STOP trading dollars for hours?

As an employee ready to fire your boss?

Or a business owner ready to quantum leap her profits with passive income?

If so, welcome to my in-depth Multi-Media Sales While You Sleep Program, jam-packed with video, audio trainings and workbooks, that you keep forever!

This is a complete, step by step, A-Z passive income creation system, where none of your questions go left unanswered = why it’s the ONLY passive income program you’ll ever need.

I’m Gina Silvestri, Formerly Known As “The Girl Who Had All Her Eggs in One Basket” . . .

When I first started helping women achieve success through this very coaching business back in 2009, I had no idea what the first few years of business would be like. I had always heard it was HARD WORK, that most businesses FAIL in their first two years of business.

I felt the calling in my soul though, so I started with a blog, which I poured my heart into, and that’s how my first coaching client found me! I began coaching her long-distance straight away, as I kept on writing my blog, then adding video content to it, which allowed even more clients to find and hire me.

What I didn’t expect was the crossroads I hit four years later, in 2013: my calendar got so full, that I barely had any time to do necessary administrative tasks that kept my business running behind the scenes, let alone time for me!

I hadn’t yet learned how to raise my prices, so I wasn’t making enough money, to hire someone to do ALL that needed doing, and I started to feel like I would have to turn any amazing new women wanting to work with me away.

It was the worst feeling! I not only felt like I was letting people down, but I really, truly had SO MUCH fun coaching women for a living, I did not want to stop.

How could it be? I wondered? I feel so strong in my soul that I’m meant to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Am I just supposed to *not* allow more clients into my world, which meant stopping my own business growth?

I loved my clients SO MUCH, enjoyed coaching them SO MUCH, and screamed HECK YES every time I saw the meme saying “If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you still be doing the same work you’re doing in your business right now?” (yes even by myself in my home-office, lol)

Something didn’t feel right about me having to stop helping people, because of TIME – because there was only one ME, so I had to limit how many people I could help, based on how much space was in my calendar.

That’s when the idea to create my first passive income program hit me.

This was the answer!

Screw what everyone else said or thought, I KNEW there had to be a way!

If I could sell information products on my website, to help my clients in a learn-at-home format, which are pre-packaged and don’t involve any of my creation time or slots in my schedule to run, then I could have an extra income stream, to pay a team to help me with all of those administrative tasks, PLUS have time freed up for me, and those new incoming clients I so wanted to work for.

I knew I could create powerful books and digital programs, that would change lives, from the comfort of people’s own homes.

Problem solved.

And solved it was!

I’ve now been selling books and digital programs online, in addition to my private 1:1 coaching service, for over eight years – and I’m no longer living as the girl with all her eggs in one, limited basket.

My genius gets to spread ALL OVER THE WORLD, just like yours does.

Investment: $1,333.USD

WHAT WE’RE COVERING:complete A-Z step-by-step system for creating passive income


  • WHY you’re the perfect person to have passive income RIGHT NOW on this planet
  • What to sell
  • How to set everything up online
  • How to ENSURE your profits keep rolling in
  • How to set yourself up for passive income success from the get-go
  • How to deal with people in your life now (or in future) who feel funny about you creating passive income for yourself, especially when you hit the big time with it
  • Payment avenues for people buying things while you sleep
  • How to keep things selling once everything is set up
  • PITFALLS to avoid while creating and generating passive income
  • WHO you can hire, in EASY and INEXPENSIVE WAYS to help you with setup, maintenance, or selling your whole business afterward for a profit – this is optional, you can also do everything yourself, in a fun, simple, profitable way
  • WHEN to adjust things, after it’s all set up
  • HOW to “set it and forget it” to keep your sales rolling in, while you sleep
  • How to stay organized and productive as you create and maintain your passive income system
  • How to get a good sleep (kidding but not kidding … for real, all this makes you sleep better 😀 )

Investment: $1,333.


Both women and men who want to learn how to create passive income, step-by-step, with ALL bases covered, including both top notch strategy and MINDSET you’ll need to make this work.


  1. Make your payment, which automatically adds you to this digital-learn-at home program email list.
  2. Your bonuses arrives STRAIGHT AWAY to your email inbox.
  3. Your Sales While You Sleep course is then delivered to you.


($297. VALUE – free with Program Purchase)

I chose my Speed Up Your Success Now POWERHOUSE audio pack for your bonus because it’s the perfect energy to prep you for creating and succeeding with passive income. Mindset is 80% of success, so sign up to DIVE IN now. This is emailed to you as soon as you make our payment, and it’s yours to keep *forever.*

Investment: $1,333.


($ 297. value – Free with Program Purchase)

Are you worried about feeling greedy when it comes to making more money, or perhaps you’re already feeling it now?

Do you wish those pangs of guilt and undeserving feelings would just go away, so you can claim the wealth you KNOW you’re meant for, that you KNOW you’ll do good in the world with?

Are you done dancing in money vibes that keep you stuck, broke and hopeless?

Claiming your wealthy worthy position in the world, isn’t always easy – I know Sister!

That’s why I created this program, a powerhouse tool for you to use as you totally reconstruct your mindset around your worthiness OR use to counter those moments of doubt that creep up


because it’s an illusion that you’re not worthy of exactly what you desire, right now,

including extraordinary wealth.

Here’s what I’m resolving, answering and knocking out of the park with you in this home study program:

-“Why me? Why am I worthy of wealth?” You will be answering this question with certainty and zero doubt by the end of this program.

-“What do I do when I have the thought “who do you think you are?” or when someone actually says that to me?” You will know exactly what this is, and how to handle it, so it stops getting in your way of success.

-“Am I really worth all this time, attention and money?” Yes! That will be your answer, unequivocally, without doubt, as you use this home study program to re-align your energy, and therefore physical circumstances, to your wildly worthy and wealthy life.

-“Why am I worth it?? What makes me worthy of it all, of ‘having it all’ like successful people say?” Get ready to be 100% certain that you are worthy.

-“What if people reject or disown me for being too snobby, too rich, and overall too much?” This one is so much easier than our monkey minds have us thinking, you will know exactly what to say and do if this ever happens.

-“What if I am living SO FAR from the life I really want, like really at rock bottom, the worst I can imagine, I have never felt worse in my life, do I have to wait to take this program?” No, no more waiting, Sister. I designed this program for you to use when the worst things happen in life, and you can’t imagine it getting any worse – because it’s exactly the mindset gold in this program you need to move yourself out and through.

Investment: $1,333.



Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Do I get my bonuses straight away?

Yes. These are delivered to you first, right away.

Can I get a refund?

Since your product is delivered, in full, upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!


Once you make your payment, you have my direct email and immediate access to my team for any help you may require. You can also ask any questions you may have during our LIVE trainings, or any time in between those trainings. OR, if you have a question or need support right now, just email now!