Wildly Worthy & Wealthy Now

Are you worried about feeling greedy when it comes to making more money, or perhaps you’re already feeling it now?

Do you wish those pangs of guilt and undeserving feelings would just go away, so you can claim the wealth you KNOW you’re meant for, that you KNOW you’ll do good in the world with?

Are you done dancing in money vibes that keep you stuck, broke and hopeless?

Claiming your wealthy worthy position in the world, isn’t always easy – I know Sister!

That’s why I created this program, a powerhouse tool for you to use as you totally reconstruct your mindset around your worthiness OR use to counter those moments of doubt that creep up


because it’s an illusion that you’re not worthy of exactly what you desire, right now,

including extraordinary wealth.

Here’s what I’m resolving, answering and knocking out of the park with you in this home study program:

-“Why me? Why am I worthy of wealth?” You will be answering this question with certainty and zero doubt by the end of this program.

-“What do I do when I have the thought “who do you think you are?” or when someone actually says that to me?” You will know exactly what this is, and how to handle it, so it stops getting in your way of success.

-“Am I really worth all this time, attention and money?” Yes! That will be your answer, unequivocally, without doubt, as you use this home study program to re-align your energy, and therefore physical circumstances, to your wildly worthy and wealthy life.

-“Why am I worth it?? What makes me worthy of it all, of ‘having it all’ like successful people say?” Get ready to be 100% certain that you are worthy.

-“What if people reject or disown me for being too snobby, too rich, and overall too much?” This one is so much easier than our monkey minds have us thinking, you will know exactly what to say and do if this ever happens.

-“What if I am living SO FAR from the life I really want, like really at rock bottom, the worst I can imagine, I have never felt worse in my life, do I have to wait to take this program?” No, no more waiting, Sister. I designed this program for you to use when the worst things happen in life, and you can’t imagine it getting any worse – because it’s exactly the mindset gold in this program you need to move yourself out and through.


Do I receive full course content straight away?

Absolutely! Yes.

Can I get a refund?

Since your product is delivered, in full, upon receipt of payment, I do not offer refunds. Myself and my team are always available to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and make every experience with us a pleasant one. Just email info@lifecoachgina.com any time of day or night. You can also message us on any of my social media platforms. We are here for you!