*replays are included and emailed out after*

My mission is to get women to be empowered with their money, by ridding shame, oppressions and obstacles facing them when it comes to wealth creation, and feel amazing while they do, which means a lot of WOOHOO’ing, aka FUN.

My website is expanding every day, so these workshops help my community because after each LIVE event, I will be transforming all live trainings into self-study programs. My goal is to have a suite of solid, wealth-building courses for women, that can be worked on at home.

My workshops are held LIVE every Wednesday, alternating Part 1 and Part II, because we are going DEEP into every topic, and I’ll be providing thorough coverage of every topic, each workshop has two parts. So you get two weeks, for $47.

Next Upcoming Topics?

Brilliant Boss Babe Budgeting – Make budgeting both fun AND powerful.

Your Superstar Success Schedule – Create Time in Your Schedule, for what you truly love.

Fabulous Focus – Eliminate success-stopping distraction from your life, in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like something is missing.

VIP All Access Pass, Baby!

I am here for YOUR results.

I celebrate and reward all women who commit to themselves on an ongoing basis, because this is what it takes to create lasting success.

That’s what this VIP All Access Pass is for:

-Access to all of my workshops every Wednesday (four per month) on a regular basis.

-monthly Question/Answer sessions with me. These are LIVE, via Zoom, and I stay on with you until *all* of your questions are answered. No stone is left unturned, so to speak. You also keep the recordings of these sessions, forever.

PLUS, if you’ve ever thought of hiring me as your business mentor, this is a great way to see how it feels.

PLUS, these workshops come with an “Open Door Policy” which means you stay as long as you like, and leave whenever you feel complete. No contracts, no long-term commitment.

*PLUS* one LIVE question/answer session per month, where Gina stays on the live, until ALL questions are fully answered. A replay of this sessions is emailed to you after, it’s yours to keep forever.

*PLUS* lifetime access to ANY CONTENT I decide to add to the self-study program that I create from this.

Why All Access = Crazy Good Deal

DEEP into every topic, and I’ll be providing thorough coverage of every topic, each workshop has two parts.

The self-study investment? That is $297. So when you join me LIVE, you’re paying 25% of what the self-study program will cost in future, for the exact same materials.

So if you see a topic I’m covering, like budgeting, or scheduling, and you know this is something you will want to learn about with me eventually, these Live Workshop versions are the most cost-effective way to do it.

All replays are emailed to you after the live event. You keep all materials, forever – including any materials I decide to add on to the original course, in the future.

So that one will be there, and there’ll be 297 each, because that’s how much my self study programs start at. So at least 297. So that’s 297 per, per program per self study program. So if you get it now and you join me live, it’s $147 each one, okay, so $600 versus $300, it’s half price. And I’m doing this because I reward commitment to yourself, right, staying in the energy not popping in and out, like I used to do, stop and go stop and go. If you want to experience your power, you want to be shame free around money, you want to experience your 5k plus sales days, it’s time to step in and commit, right, and be in your energy and show up for yourself and be around people who inspire you, if I inspire you, here I am. And so as my tribe, my community, we are waiting for you, we’re ready for you to join us and grow and just feel in and it’s $147 a month that you are in my energy. So that doesn’t include q&a, but this month only, I am off. But right now until I change my mind. And I don’t know when that could be a good me anytime.

All Access Pass Investment: $147.


The investment for each workshop alone (that’s two weeks worth, both Part I and Part II for each workshop) is $47.

Investment: $147./month (open door policy, keep this pass only as long as you’re enjoying it)