Your Soul ATM

Are you tired of pushing, pushing, pushing with your work, but not getting the financial results you desire?

Do you want to feel confident that you can create your desired wealth, in your own business, using your intuition as your main guide?

Are you ready to release the heavy chains that held you tied to working in a way that does not feel good, nourishing and instead leaves you downright exhausted?

I’m Gina Silvestri, The Goal Achievement Queen!

Not that long ago, I was working in a government job that had me the office until 10pm many, many-a-night.

Deep inside, I had entrepreneurial dreams, but I had no idea how to make as much (or more) money as I was making at my job.

So I stayed, gaining much weight and medical ailments, not seeing people I cared about, and all-but-destroying my self-confidence and capacity to lead my life from my intuition.

The problem was, I didn’t know any other way. I thought I had to work-work-work myself to the bone, no matter how much it demanded of me, to keep my pay-check, medical benefits and retirement pension.

I now run my online coaching business, with complete schedule freedom, income in a week that I used to make in over a year, and inspiration that keeps my heart and soul happy, from working with clients I adore and love!

Not to mention, I now feel fulfilled with my life, because I am walking out my life’s purpose, exactly as I was born to.

Nothing feels better than this, which is why I created this program. I am so beyond honoured to do this work with you.


  • 21 Days Total of Intense Immersion Mentoring & Coaching with me on how to make money from you soul aka making that Soul ATM inside of you raiiinnnn!!!
  • 14 Days of Live Trainings, Workbooks, and Fundamental Pre-Recorded Trainings
  • PLUS one week follow-up Q & A (group mentoring) in that same week
  • Opportunity to be coached 1:1
  • Keep replays forever – they are emailed to you!
  • VIP & VIFP get all of the above *plus* extra 1:1 time with me, including Step-by-Step Personalized Business Plans



Stepping into the deep knowing that you don’t have to “go without,” like at all – in fact, you *not* going without – that is, giving yourself exactly what you need to thrive, is what enables you to be the strongest, most powerful support for others, and write checks for the causes you care about. We all want to be a strong, powerful, capable, resourceful person when someone needs a hand, right? This gets to be you! You already have all you need inside of you to do it. In this module, I’m showing you how to tap into that knowing, embody it, so you can live it.


Clearing *any* limiting energy you are carrying around inside of you, dictating that “work is hard” and the only way to make good money, is to suffer. There’s a different way to look at things, and live. In this module, I’m showing you how to say BUH-BYE to feeling like a slave in exchange for money, living without deep, inner fulfilment in your work life, and step into making money in the most natural, nourishing way possible for you.


How to tell the difference between making money from soul and making money from effort, exclusively. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to recognize when you’re out of alignment with your soul when it comes to making money. I give you the tools required to detect this early, so you can shift into alignment quick, every time.


In this module, we’re diving into how to stop feeling like money rules your world. So many people feel like they’re in such an unhealthy relationship with money, they would have dumped money long ago, if it were their boyfriend … if you’re ready to shift from unhealthy dynamics with money, into healthy, strong, present, fulfilling, generative, abundant relationship with it, this module is for you!


Detaching money from our romantic, familial, even our client relationships (I know, I know!) is the way forward, into true freedom with money. Doesn’t it feel better to be in relationship with money when you both want to be there? When nobody feels forced, or dependent on one another in a powerless way? We’re clearing out energy in relationships with people in this module, to make way for uplifting, open relationships, that feel light, fun, loving, and leave you completely open for the financial abundance your soul has waiting for you.


We are wrapping up the module portion of this program by anchoring you into complete and total certainty that you can make money from your soul work, and continue to do so, on repeat, long after this course has completed (you do have the replays of all teachings for your library, to keep forever and listen back to whenever you want to in the future, too!). Your week of intensive coaching with me starts at the end of this module, so you have me as your coach in this group for 7 full days, to ask any questions, and receive any and all the help you could want to move forward on your journey with. I’m here for you!


When I was working in my government job, I didn’t have people modelling what was possible for my entrepreneurial soul. The only thing I saw, were human beings I love, working themselves to the bone, to barely make ends meet, sacrificing time with their families in the process.

I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be the one to help every person I loved out of what they described as “living in the rat race.”

I took many business programs, had a business mentor, which all taught me at least something, but without doing this “intuition first” work that I’m teaching you in this program, I lived in pain, just as I had seen my loved ones living.

I never had enough money.

I was buried in debt and it stressed me out.

I worried about my future.

I even had to file for bankruptcy after starting a business in my early 20s, which I interpreted as me being a failure, doomed to work at jobs I hated forever, and really ashamed to tell anybody about how bad my attempts at being an entrepreneur were going.

So, I isolated myself, tried hard to live on less, and ward off the depression that was an inevitable result of not following the longing and calling on my soul – to live a life of freedom, succeeding in my own business, doing what I loved, leaving ALL past money stress behind me, for good.

It wasn’t until March of 2015, when I had hit rock bottom (a-gain!), sleeping on my ex-boyfriend’s floor, working at temporary nanny and cleaning jobs to pay my bills, while I watched my business fail, fail, then fail again – when at thirty-nine years old, with $50. to my name, and my car having just taken its last breath, that I asked myself, “what if I stopped listening to everybody else, and just turned inward instead? What if I actually just did what I deeply, truly, wanted in life, then see what happens from there?”

I had nothing to lose.

For three months, I practiced listening to my own soul, my gut instinct, doing business from there.

The results blew my own mind! I created my first $24,000 sales week, in this same coaching business you’re looking at right now. That is what I used to make in an entire year, sold in one week.

Nothing has been the same since. I realized that I could make excellent money, doing what I love, using my instinct as my guide, surrounding myself with people who also do business this way, not to mention friends and soul family who do life in general this way. Every. Damn. Day.

I went on to bring in $8k, $5k, $2k and $1k cash days in my business, and I now love teaching women who also feel guided by their intuition to generate wealth as an entrepreneur, doing exactly what they love, obeying one thing, and one thing only: THEIR SOUL.

I’ve been teaching my process to hundreds of clients and students since, empowering each and every one of them, to do things their way, using my experience, knowledge, and the system I created from my business trials and tribulations, to make the journey faster, easier and a whole lot more fun for them!

Without carving out a new way, learning to listen to and obey the promptings of my soul, with certainty, knowing it was the best way for me to create the wealth I knew I had always been destined for, I would still be working at my government job, exhausted, empty, and killing myself inside.

Needless to say, my intuitive wealth path was the right choice for me, as it has been for many of the brilliant, genius, soul-driven women my business has now had the honour to meet, get to know, and influence in positive ways.


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